Ready to Bring forth…

Ready to Bring forth…

The temperature has grown warmer, and it’s safe to say that winter has begun its’ temporary departure, as signs of spring greet us with color and new life! According to our calendars here in New England, spring has arrived! Fortunately the sun is shining today, but snow is still visible from where I sit.  The crocuses that my grandfather had planted years ago are now in full bloom. I am almost certain the vernal greens will soon adorn this beauty starved environment, in a town I call home.

Spring to me signifies refreshment, a time to clean out the cob webs that winter purposefully hid from my eyes both inwardly as well as in my home.

This is how my dictionary defines spring (it’s a Pocket Oxford American one):

1 move suddenly upward or forward.

2 come or appear from.

3 suddenly develop or appear.

This season always awakens my creativity, as vibrant shades of every color become more visible. Painting to me is like writing what I cannot say. Whether the focus is an image, an object, or a feeling inside, the canvas and brush are there allowing me to talk to the world in a different way. As an educator my goal is to help shine some light on ways to allow your creative side to spring forth, to develop a new voice, and to engage in the timeless process of what it means to be an artist.

Join us every Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm, beginning April 9th for an Expressive Painting Class, where the focus is on PROCESS and not on PRODUCT. I will give instructions on some techniques to use when approaching your canvas, or whatever you decide to paint on. I encourage you to bring items of inspiration, but most of all a willing hand.

Scott Adams (an American Cartoonist) said,

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which one’s to keep”

Join us on Tuesday nights, beginning April 9th, to have fun, to revel in mistakes, and awaken the creative side that exists within all of us.