Creativity is Happening!

Painted Terra Cot PotsSo far so good! Classes have been going great. Thank you so much to everyone who has purposed to come out, despite their artistic reservations. Every week seems to bring in a new face, adding a bit more originality to the class. I love watching ideas grow and blossom into beautiful works of art. These classes have been so inspiring for me creatively and according to students testimony, the creativity has crept into lives outside of the classroom. That’s what we like to hear!

It’s not your typical Friday night outing, we meet in the basement of the Grace Ministries church, find our seats, and get to work! Everything is set up for creativity to happen. Tables are set, supplies are laid out,  it is quiet, relaxing, but most of all engaging. When classes first started I noticed a long stretch of silence during the two hour class. At first glance the silence may feel somewhat intimidating, upon closer observation it is simply the product of concentration. The silent spells serve as peaceful segments of the night, proving that all are engaged creatively. It’s an empowering experience when participating in the creative process. A process worth a little exploration. Please join us if you can any Friday night from 7-9 pm for a class to explore the process for yourself!



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