Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day was held in Saugus Center where we had a booth set up with stations for painters. It was perfect weather for such an occasion. It was a great opportunity for me to talk with people in my town and surrounding towns, to find out what the needs are for our young people. The response was overwhelmingly positive for our mural project and over 70 people participated, mostly young kids and teenagers! My vision for providing creative outlets for our youth is expanding thanks to the feedback of parents, educators, and all the others who gave a word of wisdom. Thank you.

If anyone feels intimidated by paint and canvas, I advise you observe a child with a paintbrush, they are fearless, and their work portrays an honesty that all artists should aspire to capture.


Published by Shelscapes

Artist/Teacher I specialize in cultivating inner confidence amid artist processes, by guiding participants in unearthing creative abilities.

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