Change of Plans…

Change of Plans…

DAY 8:


So I had a softball game tonight and I wasn’t planning on going tonight! I didn’t even look at my schedule because we had a game on Monday but it got rained out until Thursday…SOOOOO my mind was THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY! Nevertheless, I had a game tonight and I went, and WE WON!

It felt good to win! 

My friend arrived this evening (at my game) and she will be staying with me until Sunday! I’m excited for the week, it feels like vacation but at my house! The beach was on the agenda for tomorrow, but rain is in the forecast, so change of plans! Either way it’s so nice to have my friend and her kids here! My son doesn’t have any siblings so he LOVES his friends, and it feels like a party in our house!


When waking up this morning, I felt weak and tired and I didn’t want to move! There was a lot I wanted to do to prepare for company, and I was moving at a snails pace. My thoughts were starting to defeat me before my feet even touched the ground. It took a decision though, I told myself to GET UP. Checking my phone, I saw a text with some helpful words encouraging me to NOT TO DO TOO MUCH AND TO REST. 


I’m on vacation!


My immune system used to be like that of a kindergarten student. If I SMELLED sickness, it attacked me, and I’d be down for the count. For the past few years, it has somehow taken on a new form. I like to think I just got better, I’m not sure. Someone told me about an herb called ECHINACEA a few years back, and I swear it has healing properties! I take it once a month, for 2- 3 days until the bottle is gone and sickness evades me!


Remember how I wrote that when working towards one goal it trickles into meeting lots of other goals? Working on daily, focused exercises, and individual self expression through writing, is starting to affect other parts of my daily life. Areas in my life that require attention, and some areas that aren’t getting enough.

Doing it all with NEVER happen, but doing SOMETHING can help.

Whatever that something may be.

It’s okay to feel accomplished, it’s INSPIRING, and it’s EMPOWERING! I’ve been watching success story after success story of different people who have desired something, went after it, and grasped it! In addition to success, I’ve been learning of major SETBACKS, FAILURES, AND PLANS GONE SOUR, yet the person still MOVES towards their goal, not giving up, not surrendering to circumstance, and pushing through, harder than when they started.

This has motivated me to set goals of my own.

And has POSITIVELY impacted my life IN MANY WAYS. Imagine a week from today, two weeks, three, four or five?

Success is achievable, but you gotta want it.

It’s going to be a change of pace these next few days, but it’s a challenge I need to tackle as far as sticking to my goals!

It’s summer, nights are unpredictable, days too, but meeting a goal is still attainable!

A change of plans doesn’t have to mean a CHANGED MIND!

I’m looking forward to sharing lots of inspiration from my friends this weekend, just being together, learning from one another and listening to each other! It always fuels me.

Iron sharpens iron.

Good night all!