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I’ve been on a mini vacation in the northeast part of this great country! I love America, and I’m proud of the country I live in. There is a freedom here like NO WHERE else, and I’m thankful that I get to experience it. It’s a special place.

With that said, I celebrated Independence Day with some of my family this year and it was time well spent. Three short days with lots of excitement! I went to the drive in movie theatre, which made me feel like a little kid. The scene was gorgeous with the mountains in the backdrop against a setting sun. The bonus prelude to the movie was Fireworks followed by lots of laughs due to Jack Jack of Incredibles 2!  Just watching fireworks makes me feel American! Since I can remember I saw fireworks every 4th with my family and I always remember being in awe of the bright exploding lights amidst a dark blue sky.

In addition to movies and fireworks, I swam, kayaked, and was taxi’d by our family party boat along “our” gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains, sunshine, and blue skies. Vacationing with nature (and mi familia) is my favorite pastime.

There is so much forgotten beauty in what man cannot make. I was raised to appreciate the simple things in life like bugs, the woods and wildlife. Connecting with creation feels natural to me, as if it’s part of me, and when it’s missing I feel a disconnect. Learning to appreciate the natural world helps me accept the importance of solitude. Balance is always the aim, and sometimes being alone is important.

I’m faced with me, my thoughts, my behaviors, and how I respond to stimuli.

The stimuli of nature demands the body to rest in order to experience the action occurring all around. There is a LOT OF ACTION in nature. 

Nature challenges me to SLOW DOWN, to be still, to listen to sounds and separate those sounds from NOISE. I’m a social being, but sometimes my nature demands solace.

I think it’s God calling me to Him, to search Him out by thinking on things that make me wonder. I know this because it is in these times of solace that I find His voice.

Vacation is an important part of life, not as a time to disconnect from the mundane, the day to day, the routine but to RECONNECT to what is truly GOOD FOR ME.

Vacation should be a time to


all the good that CAN BE, those mini moments of daily inspiration that get pushed aside when focused on the details of life!

In the past a “vacation” to me signified letting everything go, a kind of excuse to not be responsible, but I’m learning it doesn’t have to mean that. I fully enjoyed my vacation. I purposed to stick to my exercise goals, even though it was HARD! I knew if I let one day go by, one might have turned to two and so on.

This week I was strengthened by the love of my family, by the consistency of the natural world, and by the never ending availability of my Lord. When I’m weak He waits for me and when I’m strong He is ever present.

A true vacation begins in the mind, a nice location is just a plus.


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