Counting My Blessings

Counting My Blessings


Day 20:

Countdown 101 Days

Whaaatt??!! Tomorrow is the 3 week mark! I got a text today from one of my girlfriends of a screen shot showing her plane ticket purchase!

This Is Happening! Nashville is coming up quick and I’m getting so excited!

To me these are BiG Happenings! I don’t normally get super excited about things for fear that I will be let down.

Well that’s just a boring way to live! I’m getting excited! I’m researching fun places to see and do, touristy things that are a must, historical and educational things ( I know it sounds nerdy but those are ALWAYS the experiences that yield the most memory) and I’m just plain old excited to spend some time with my friends !

Another Monday in the books! I’m working through the balance of making time for me and my kid during these summer days. Balancing it all with one. There’s A LOT we do together but also times when I have to demand that he busy himself without my help. It’s always work to ENFORCE and sometimes I feel guilty, but he will play on his own, or read, or imagine he is fighting crime and being some kind of superhero. If I start he usually can continue to stay busy.. Sometimes I’ll say go find some bugs, catch a frog, water the plants, etc but he’s too smart and knows I need to do something and he’ll just want to be a part of it.

Most days when my husband comes home from work, I’m in the same space doing the dishes or checking my phone, and my kid is watching a tv show followed by a “I swear we weren’t doing this all day!”

Why do I feel I have to justify that? Can I just be confident in the accomplishments of the day!

There are so many roles and hats to wear, that don’t put any cash in the bank and so it often feels like it’s not worth anything, which leads to a hashing out of all the things I swear got accomplished!

Choosing to be home with my kid is a challenge but a well worth sacrifice. Lots of doubts try to invade accompanied by feelings of inadequacy for not working as much as my spouse.

But I know it’s okay. Its summer and routine in some ways get tossed to the sideline.

Summer is a short season and so it’s hard to admit when I DON’T take advantage of all the moments to give my best energy to playtime. But sometimes I fail. So today I tried to be more present!

My kid joined me as I exercised. He would start a move and stop more than half way through the allotted time to make sure he told me “mom that’s an easy one you need to go faster!”

We had fun working together…somewhat! It was actually motivating for both of us!

At the end of the day I have a happy kid, and so many blessings to count. I need to count them as reminders to outbid the complaints!

Balance Balance Balance! It’s so hard to strike in EVERY area and near impossible, but I won’t stop trying!

Until tomorrow!

( I posted this one minute after July 9!!!!) also I failed on going to bed early