Hit the Rooaadd Jon…

Hit the Rooaadd Jon…


Day 21:

Countdown 100 Days!

WEEK 3 in the books of writing and exercising! Still LOTS of goals I’m working on concentrating on, but with those two, I’ve been consistent and I’m feeling proud! Still a long way to go! Summer has it’s challenges with routines changing weekly, sometimes daily, but a written plan has been helping me stay accountable as well as writing here!

Woo hoo! 13 more weeks to go!

In other news…

Today my husband Jon turned 31!

Sparing some moments for a celebration matters!

Who doesn’t love a birthday? “It’s just another day”, some will say.

Yeah, yeah…

It’s a birthday and it needs to be celebrated, who cares how old we get!


It’s worth celebrating!

We celebrated this evening with the usual BIRTHDAY PLEASANTRIES…


(our barking begging bully breed) 

Jon’s been working on his motorcycle the past few nights preparing for a 2,000 mile motorcycle trip to the Cabot Trail in Canada with some of our family and closest friends.

Nothing quite like a good road trip.

Summer feels official when the road trips begin. I’m excited for all the wonder that awaits everyone as they go on their adventure.

A couple things

1. It’s a total MAN TRIP,

2. And I’m 100% in celebration mode!

What? You aren’t terribly upset and deeply remorseful that You weren’t included, and that your husband is CHOOSING to leave you for a week???? , some may ask??

NO. NO. And NO!

For a husband and wife, it’s nice to spend TIME APART! I think it helps the balance of maintaining a happy home.

In a marriage we depend on each other for a lot of things,

1. compromises

2.lots of give and take

3. Self sacrifice

4. Commitment

And many other things to keep it going!

Another working piece of a marriage –

individuality and INDEPENDENCE.

That can’t happen unless some space is allotted.

To be clear, space meaning not being together ever waking day and night. If married, you’ve still made a commitment. I’m not promoting a “man trip” to signify marital release! Just some space!

It’s healthy!

Developing trust is a factor to know we are just as strong together as we are apart…for a given time!

There’s gotta be BALANCE.

and we’re learning how to strike it!

(honey…don’t forget now…I’m going on a ladies trip in 14 weeks!!!)


There are interests and hobbies of mine that I would never expect Jon to enjoy or share part in, and same goes for some of the things he likes.

Having space is a coveted thing, and I prize it when it happens to me.

Men like it too.

Everybody needs an adventure!

And in my opinion, the open road is the best place to begin! 

All this to say, Happy Birthday to you dear Jon, and enjoy your man trip!

I’ll be right here when you get back, folding laundry, doing the dishes, and making the beds!

Or perhaps I’ll be taking a little road trip of my own!


In all seriousness, this motorcycle trip is one that many people have taken in years past to minister love and light to people along the way! My dad has been sharing the gospel with lost souls since someone shared salvation with him, when he was just an angry and lost young man. Redemption and restoration changed his life. Gave him purpose, so now he shares that truth with others.

These trips are purpose filled and they ride with crosses on their back in remembrance of what has been done for all by the shedding of innocent blood! Salvation through the cross of Christ!

I’m proud of my husband and my family for desiring to take this adventure because in reality it’s not the prettiest or easiest run! A lot of miles to go, but they are miles driven with a message in mind.

So Hit the road boys! I look forward to seeing you all when you get back!