Today I baked…

Today I baked…

My dad has been suggesting to me for well over a decade now, that I must learn to “rest in the nest”. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to apply and sort of accept what the heck that even means! But I guess years later, I’m starting to figure it out. Not sure about you, dear readers, but I am constantly reading little comments, blurbs, and blogs about being a “stay at home mom”, better yet, it gets its’ own abbreviation, SAHM! Part of me can’t stand that title, but I guess I get it. Given all the beauty, wonder, sacrifice and hard work of such a role, that title doesn’t allow me to truly picture its’ reality. And I don’t feel like defending the SAHM’s with descriptive word clarity on all the things a SAHM does or doesn’t do. You know what you do. Just own it. πŸ˜ƒ

There is a lot of joy in having a family and being available to them. Of course there are annoyances of doing the same old things, the daily chores that literally never end, but dare I admit, I like cooking and cleaning. Yup, I said it. Maybe it’s just the routine of it all, it’s similar to a paid full time job. There are tasks, there is a time frame, and there is a need for time management to get those tasks accomplished. Endless opportunities are out there if you truly desire to be home AND bring in some dollah bills sooo to each their own. All of this to say, I’m happy in my role. πŸ˜ƒ

So today I baked some coffee cake with a Cinnabon inspired frosting to top it off.

If you’re pregnant, and coming up on your glucose test, I would highly advise NOT consuming this prior to that appointment. Fortunately, I’m off the hook for another month…plenty of time to absorb more iron, protein, and all those other things that are good for you that don’t include sugar. One of the ways I’ve learned to rest in my nest of a home is allowing myself some freedom. Rest isn’t always physical, and sometimes I just want to bake.