Quarantine Day 1 &2

Quarantine Day 1 &2

I thought I’d blog about this experience for the next 3 weeks, as both a way to help others, and myself! Most of us still have our daily home chores to accomplish, along with professional goals as well! It’s going to be a lot to juggle and balance, so why not share the victories and the struggles!

We were given Monday as a “snow day”, so we took that day to prep for the days to come-setting up a desk, materials, and cleaning!!!

Today, Tuesday, my kid was up before me! He was actually excited for the day to get started, so much so, he brought me a cup of coffee! It was lovely! He also made himself breakfast! I got up to him eating waffles at the kitchen table, still in pj’s with a sleeping bag covering his back.

(He does not usually make himself breakfast.) 👏 👏

We started the day with a great idea from our school- with these subjects;

SING. PRAY. READ. ACT. We did all four.

We looked up a song, listened to it, prayed for the day, and Kaden read a verse in his Bible out loud. We then wrote down some things we could Praise God for! It was a really nice way for ME to start the day too!

We were given some helpful tools from our amazing school! More than I could have ever expected, for which I’m grateful! Links to educational sites, music, verses, and lots of lesson instruction from his teacher! I was able to utilize my work space too during times when he was quietly working to get my tasks done as well. I made my space function as both home office and home base for printing school things!

It was helpful to have this space organized!

Today I worked on figuring out how my kid best works at different times of the day! You know your kid best, so work with their strengths EARLY on! I changed some of the scheduled things to work for him and will see if tomorrow that works better. For example- I will have him work on writing and reading EARLY as those are subjects that require you to be still along with quiet concentration. Science and math are things I could incorporate into outside time, even chore time, or meal prep!

All in all today was a good learning day for both of us! I hope you are all having successes with your kids, but prepare for failures too! Days when they want to check out, and when our patience level may be on the brink of breaking! Take these moments to change up the pace! We do have an advantage, a sneak peak into their lives, their days, their routine and not all learning happens at a desk! Think outside the box! We are all in this together!

☘️ Good Luck! ☘️