Okay, I came across a book called Bread Baking for Beginners, <—— Click on the title for purchase link if interested! On instagram I follow Jenna Fischer…yes that would be PAM from THE OFFICE! Anyhow, she was doing these stories on baking bread, and they were both entertaining and inspiring. I couldn’t stop thinking about learning how to do it too! Honestly, it took me months to summon the courage to purchase the book. It felt like something I wouldn’t be able to do, but alas…I can!

And so can you!

Also, wow! From beginning to end the process is rewarding, especially when it turns out beautiful and DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS!

This was a whole two day affair for me…It literally took up my entire weekend. The first day I spent over 8 eight hours to get just ONE loaf. The second day 5 hours but this time I made three loaves! Success from round one was so inspiring I had to make more to share with my family…at a safe 6 ft. distance we broke bread, freshly baked by yours truly!

I got better at it in just one day! Hooray!

Reading the book for two nights before beginning the process was helpful I believe for successful bread baking.

Baking bread definitely takes more than just reading through steps on a recipe, it feels like a science experiment, it involves time, the right ingredients, different temperatures and lots of waiting!

It’s funny how the older I get, and the more things I learn about and work to apply, the more I understand about my own learning process and how much of a hands on learner I really am. Things don’t make enough sense with just words, I have to explore and experience it to fully connect and understand. Making things is a creative outlet for me, sometimes I don’t need music, nor people around, simply a quiet atmosphere where I can clearly think. Nothing feels confusing, which is why creativity is so rewarding for me. I feel a sense of clarity.

This all might sound strange, I mean we are talking about baking here…I don’t know, I just enjoyed it. If I hadn’t run out of supplies to make more, I can almost guarantee my weekend bread extravaganza would have continued into the week.

Well, I have to admit, I had baked corn muffins before 8 am this morning. These do not take nearly as long as a bread loaf from scratch, and it’s not as rewarding a process, but still it brought me some sense of relaxation before starting my day. My son enjoyed them. Every time we took a break from school today, I noticed a muffin would disappear. You don’t want to know how many are left…I dare not say. In addition to bread and muffins, my mother texted asking if I wouldn’t mind baking a carrot cake for my dads birthday. Then just this a.m. my dad left me a voicemail, requesting oatmeal raisin cookies, and that he would be by to pick them up around noon!

Can someone please request some kale cookies, or broccoli pudding? I’m dying ovah here! 😂 🥖 🍞 🍪 🍰 😂

Happy Quarantine!