Purpose Filled

Purpose Filled

Day 3

Countdown: 118 Days

Meeting goals is hard work! It’s a lot of mental exhaustion but I’m finding it’s worth it. In just three days I’m noticing the benefits of exercising EARLY in the morning!

For me, early is best!

Here are some ways in which I feel better

•More energy

•I feel less tension in my mind and more peace

•Personal sense of purpose

•I’m managing time better

•I feel less anxious

•Having better thoughts towards myself

•More stamina when exercising

These are just a few and I think it’s important to note them.


When desiring something, I want it IMMEDIATELY. Waiting is not my favorite part, but the journey of getting there is just as important as the results I’m seeking.

Working on my thoughts is having an affect on every part of my life, personally and professionally. My business is getting attention EVERY DAY, and when you are a self starter every day counts!

My daily hope and prayer is that I KEEP ON!

Continue to work at keeping the balance with family, kids, home responsibilities, work responsibilities, spiritual responsibilities and many more!

Trials will come.

Today I persevered again. My heart is encouraged and I’m pressing on!

I’m working an event this evening so this will be a short post, but I wanted to make sure I wrote because I know I wouldn’t feel like doing it when I got home.

I’ll end with this. It’s a part of a sermon I listened to about a month ago by Billy Graham in the 60’s and I wrote down this after rewinding about 20 times to get the quote right!

When I heard this I was going through a battle in my mind and in my experience and this sermon helped me find my way out of a valley.

This is the part:

“Trace the finger of God’s purpose in every rough line of adversity in your life and you will behold a pattern wrought by God Himself for YOUR ultimate good.

Every crushed dream

Every vanquished foe

Every forfeited longing

All can become the material out of which your mansion is furnished.

Trust Him. 

Believe Him.

Commit Yourself To Him


upon the Authority of His Word

that ALL THINGS work together for good

to them that love God.”  – Billy Graham