Art Kits for Christmas

🎄 Christmas 🎄 is in the air despite all other things taking up space in our atmosphere! Amidst all the restrictions that COVID 😒 has had on my small business, creativity does not have to end! I'm offering ART KITS, 🎨 it's like a paint party in a box! Everything you need to create a … Continue reading Art Kits for Christmas


Okay, I came across a book called Bread Baking for Beginners, <------ Click on the title for purchase link if interested! On instagram I follow Jenna Fischer...yes that would be PAM from THE OFFICE! Anyhow, she was doing these stories on baking bread, and they were both entertaining and inspiring. I couldn't stop thinking about … Continue reading BREAD BAKING 101

Happy Spring!

In a world seemingly turned upside down, I needed some spring cheer! My plant and paint class at my kids school has been postponed due to this quarantine of 2020, so I felt something was missing in regards to honoring mother earth! I had to do something to welcome in my favorite season! I needed … Continue reading Happy Spring!