Okay, I came across a book called Bread Baking for Beginners, <—— Click on the title for purchase link if interested! On instagram I follow Jenna Fischer…yes that would be PAM from THE OFFICE! Anyhow, she was doing these stories on baking bread, and they were both entertaining and inspiring. I couldn’t stop thinking aboutContinue reading “BREAD BAKING 101”

Change of Plans…

DAY 8: COUNTDOWN 113 DAYS So I had a softball game tonight and I wasn’t planning on going tonight! I didn’t even look at my schedule because we had a game on Monday but it got rained out until Thursday…SOOOOO my mind was THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY! Nevertheless, I had a game tonight and I went,Continue reading “Change of Plans…”

Fires of Sorrow

Day 6: Countdown 115 Days My workout happened later in the evening, and I wanted to write RIGHT afterwards, almost as a confirmation that I had indeed done what I had set out to do, but a blank word document is like approaching a blank canvas on command, rather than when inspired and desiring it!Continue reading “Fires of Sorrow”