Counting My Blessings

Monday Day 20: Countdown 101 Days Whaaatt??!! Tomorrow is the 3 week mark! I got a text today from one of my girlfriends of a screen shot showing her plane ticket purchase! This Is Happening! Nashville is coming up quick and I’m getting so excited! To me these are BiG Happenings! I don’t normally getContinue reading “Counting My Blessings”


Saturday Day 18: Countdown 103 Days Webster’s definition of sleep- a condition of rest in which the eyes are closed, the muscles are relaxed, and the mind is unconscious There are so many topics floating around in my brain that I wanted to focus on today in order to write a nice thought out andContinue reading “SLEEP”

Don’t Stop Reaching

Day 12: Countdown 109 Days Sunday really felt like a Sunday for me in the “day of rest” category. It started with treats and friends and carried into the evening with rest and relaxation. Everything a Sunday should be filled with! Easing into Monday with rest on the mind is not going to bode wellContinue reading “Don’t Stop Reaching”