Hit the Rooaadd Jon…

Monday Day 21: Countdown 100 Days! WEEK 3 in the books of writing and exercising! Still LOTS of goals I’m working on concentrating on, but with those two, I’ve been consistent and I’m feeling proud! Still a long way to go! Summer has it’s challenges with routines changing weekly, sometimes daily, but a written planContinue reading “Hit the Rooaadd Jon…”

Mastering Thought

Day 13: Countdown 108 Days Crossing off days is so fulfilling! I’m at the point where I can’t remember what day I’m on and how many days are left! It’s almost been two weeks, and I haven’t missed a day of exercise or writing! I keep telling myself, imagine 3 weeks, 4 weeks? The halfwayContinue reading “Mastering Thought”