Happy Spring!

In a world seemingly turned upside down, I needed some spring cheer! My plant and paint class at my kids school has been postponed due to this quarantine of 2020, so I felt something was missing in regards to honoring mother earth! I had to do something to welcome in my favorite season! I neededContinue reading “Happy Spring!”

Counting My Blessings

Monday Day 20: Countdown 101 Days Whaaatt??!! Tomorrow is the 3 week mark! I got a text today from one of my girlfriends of a screen shot showing her plane ticket purchase! This Is Happening! Nashville is coming up quick and I’m getting so excited! To me these are BiG Happenings! I don’t normally getContinue reading “Counting My Blessings”

Change of Plans…

DAY 8: COUNTDOWN 113 DAYS So I had a softball game tonight and I wasn’t planning on going tonight! I didn’t even look at my schedule because we had a game on Monday but it got rained out until Thursday…SOOOOO my mind was THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY! Nevertheless, I had a game tonight and I went,Continue reading “Change of Plans…”